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Terry Kenniff

Terry started his sweet journey over 25 years ago during his fellowship in Disney World, where he worked in private dining at the Grand Floridian Hotel. When he returned to his home city, Brooklyn, he began his career in fine dining and catering at the El Caribe, where he helped thousands of families celebrate weddings, birthdays, communions and other special events over the course of the next 20 years.

Terry and his family moved to Glen Head in 2017 in pursuit of a calmer life and fell in love with the beauty of the North Shore. Terry wants to continue helping local families celebrate their special moments and satisfy their sweet tooth with a selection of beautiful confections and gourmet coffee.

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Michael Rogak

At COCO Confections and Coffee we work with Michael Rogak, who’s a legend in his own way. His father, Martin became a chocolatier on April 15, 1946. The world may have changed immeasurably since 1946, but birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays are still shared by families and friends all over the world.


Kristi Wilson

At COCO Confections and Coffee we also work with Kristi, who makes all of the beautiful and health forward truffles. For Kristi, becoming a chocolatier was something of an unexpected career path, born out of a passion to just "do something" about the child labor/slavery issue that impacts so much of the chocolate coming from the primary source countries - Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. Selling confections began as a platform for her voice as an advocate and has grown into a business built on a deep love for art, incredible chocolate and caring for the human and environmental impact of this precious resource.

In creating "confections with a conscience," it is her sincere hope that all your senses are delighted and your heart and mind are opened to a new experience of how amazing ethically-sourced chocolate can be.